Why Choose Private Maths Tuition?

Maths tuition for numeracy tests and access coursesI mean, why can’t I just buy one of those revision guides, do extra homework and ask for help in class? Do I need private maths tuition?

All great suggestions but maybe they’re not enough. Maths often builds new ideas on top of existing skills. If you never quite understood one of those building blocks then the new ideas won’t make much sense, even if you do all the homework and buy all the books. Your maths teachers would love to help but they have to divide their time between you and the rest of the class (I know – I spent 12 years teaching maths in schools around Nottingham). So maybe maths tuition would help.

As a private tutor, I can devote all of my time to finding the gaps in your knowledge and then filling those gaps, one block at a time. I can tailor the work to fit your needs and we can work at a pace that suits you. I encourage regular discussion of progress and objectives between all concerned – myself, the student and/or parents.

Nottingham maths tuitionHaving a tutor also gives a student more control and independence. If you choose private maths tution then you can ask questions which you can’t always do in a busy classroom, especially where peer-pressure may be a factor. Your class teacher can also communicate with the tutor, highlighting concepts or areas that you may need to work on.

I tutor all abilities, whether you’re preparing for an exam, trying to move up a set or just need to brush up on your skills. From junior school maths to adult learners preparing for numeracy tests, QTS tests or Access to HE courses.

A few sessions of private maths tuition may be all you need to plug those gaps and restore your confidence.