A Few Useful Maths Links

Maths websitesYou’ll find plenty of useful websites out there if you go looking. Some are aimed at making maths fun, featuring games and puzzles. Others are hard core revision sites, packed with notes and examples. Here are just a few I’ve come across.

Maths Sites

BBC Bitesize – The BBC’s revision site covering all school subjects, sorted by level.

School Zone – School Zone’s directory of free resources, reviewed by teachers.

MathsRevision.net – Lots of useful notes and examples for GCSE and A Level.

Purplemath – Helpful worked examples and detailed notes on every aspect of algebra.

Mr Barton Maths – Full of fun and useful content for pupils, parents and teachers.

Maths Is Fun – Games and puzzles plus explanations, definitions and worksheets.

Mangahigh – One of my own kids’ favourite sites. You can play short versions of the games for free. For the real experience your child’s school will need to create an account.

Adult Learning Courses

Access To HE – Information about Access to Higher Education courses around the UK.

Gov.uk – Information on improving your reading, writing, maths or ICT skills.

BBC Skillswise – Interesting and useful learning materials including practical, common-sense maths for adults.

Professional Skills Tests – Information and guidance on the professional skills tests for trainee teachers in literacy and numeracy.